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Rosie Moore, la géoscientifique la plus en vue du monde, veut rendre la science à la mode

The world of science changed the moment Florida geoscientist Rosie Moore burst onto the scene thanks to a viral video of her cutting a five-foot alligator out of a Burmese python.

She had been cultivating game-changing beauty and brains content on Instagram well before she went viral and was set up for instant success.

It wasn’t long before she had been handed the title of The World’s Hottest Geoscientist by the OutKick Culture Department.  That was almost two years ago.

Since then, others have shortened the title to The World’s Hottest Scientist.  It’s a title that Rosie wasn’t initially onboard with, but has grown to embrace and revealed she is now leaning into.

She’s continued her hard work both on social media and in the field, where she often puts her personal safety on the line in the name of science.  That leads to her most recent headlines.

Rosie was out doing her work and contracted dengue fever while traveling in South America.  The headlines that followed included The World’s Hottest Scientist title, which prompted her to address it.

She went through the backstory about her viral moment, people noticing her bikini work on Instagram, and the two coming together in the form of scientist/model headlines.  She admits that she first thought it was going to ruin her career, but was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t.

World’s Hottest Geoscientist Rosie Moore Is Using The Headlines To Her Advantage

« The first year it was going on I didn’t repost anything, or I wouldn’t really talk about it, » Rosie said.  « I didn’t want people that follow me to have that connotation of me, especially because I have a lot of serious researchers that follow me. »

She added, « I thought it was going to ruin my career.  When Daily Mail first came out, I honestly cried to my co-workers because they didn’t tell me that’s what they were running.  They acted like they were interviewing me on something serious. »

Rosie soon found that all the new attention wasn’t all about her wearing bikinis.  That might have gotten people’s attention, but they were also staying for the free diving with sharks and other dangerous work that she does.

That’s when she decided to lean into it and run with the « real-life Lara Croft » comparisons.  She’s now taken the position that there’s nothing wrong with making science hot, and she’s using the platform to her advantage.

« It’s also given me this platform to advocate for animals that most people don’t like, like I said sharks and snakes and crocodiles, » Rosie continued.  « It lets me spread conservation messages that I have more control over. »

We have a hero that we can all believe in and get behind right here.  Rosie Moore has all the talent in the world and now a trust in the platform that found her before she was ready for it.  There’s nothing left to do but to take a step back and let the scientist do her work.

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